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To reply to those who have asked about my life and training, here’s a short description. Personally I recommend you skip this section and just check out the other photographers but for those who are interested read on….

I am a freelance and fine-art photographer currently living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I have a psychology degree from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec and I formally studied photography at the Dawson Institute of Photography in Montreal. I also run a website called

I have exhibited various bodies of work over the years including two solo exhibitions at Galerie Unison in Montreal Quebec. The first was in the winter of 1995 and was titled ‘Portraits and Personas’. The second exhibition in June of 1996 was titled ‘Dramatis Personae’. Both exhibitions featured a collection of moody theatrical black and white portraits. In 1997 I had my first West Coast exhibition at the North Vancouver Arts Council in British Columbia, Canada and showed ‘Portraits in Stone’. The exhibition was well received and led to my second Vancouver exhibition at the Presentation House Arts Center in January 1998. There, I presented my Mythology Series for the first time. The exhibition consisted of 15 hand-painted portraits based on mythology. The exhibition was extremely well received, and garnered local print media attention. Soon after, Rogers TV did a full-length segment on my work and technique. Subsequently many photo enthusiasts have added my work to their collection.

In August 2000, I organized an exhibition of Canadian fine art photographers who exhibit work on this site. The show, ‘Chiaroscuro’ was held at the Arts NDG gallery in Montreal Canada. The show was very successful, and I hope to organize more photography exhibitions in the future.

Since the winter of 2011 I have been working on a new body of work that captures the moods and feelings of cities at night. I use slow shutter speeds and intentional camera movement to capture the interaction of people, city-lights, architecture and . In 2013, I released a portion of this work in an exhibition called Illuminight which captures cities at night in an impressionistic way. The project continues to this day

To respond to those who have asked how long it takes to become a good photographer, I’d say that there is no substitute for learning most photographic work yourself. This involves reading and shooting…basic practice. The reward of course, is that you (not the camera) will be in complete creative control. The trick is to keep learning what you don’t know (even when you’ve been doing something for a long time)…and sharing what you know.

Besides that, I experiment quite often. I try new printing papers and shooting techniques whenever I can and I look at LOTS of photography every single day. It’s the key to staying creative. In the past couple of years, like most other photographers I’ve also gone digital and I have found that the digital DSLRs are fantastic.

I continue to work and photograph in Montreal, and I’m currently working on a new personal project, ‘Mythology II’ It’s an ongoing project that recreates mythological themes through photography. Please note that the photos you see on the website have been scanned in extremely low resolution. This has been done because large graphic files take forever to download and I want visitors to be able to navigate through this site relatively quickly. Please feel to e-mail me at A T) gmail( d ot)com for any more information.

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